Frequently Asked Questions
How should I explain Pay with Lovely to my tenants?
Pay with Lovely is the easiest way for tenants to pay their rent with automated, recurring monthly payments. Renters simply set up their account one time and their monthly rent will be deposited directly into their landlord’s account each month. Using Pay with Lovely, renters pay on time, every time.
My tenant invited me to use Pay with Lovely. What does this mean?
Your tenant is requesting to set up automated direct deposit payments for their monthly rent. This allows your tenant to automate their monthly rent, so they’ll never make a late payment and you’ll never have to deal with paper checks again!
Can I use Pay with Lovely for all my properties?
Absolutely! You can create separate entries for individual properties and access all of your properties from the Pay with Lovely dashboard.
How can I and my tenants feel secure using Pay with Lovely?
Pay with Lovely uses the Federal ACH Network to process payments. Bank account information is never displayed or shared between renters and landlords. All financial information is encrypted and kept completely confidential.
How much does Pay with Lovely cost?
Pay with Lovely is free for tenants and only costs $1 per payment received for landlords. Landlords enter their credit card information where the $1 convenience fee will be charged.
Is Pay with Lovely safe to use in rent controlled markets?
Yes, Pay with Lovely prevents unauthorized payments and is approved for rent controlled markets (ex.: San Francisco). Only renters that you authorize will have the ability to pay their rent through Pay with Lovely.
How can I contact you with more questions?
You can reach us directly by emailing or calling 866-960-9326.
Can Pay with Lovely split rent for roommates?
Yes, Pay with Lovely works great with roommate situations and gives landlords a perfect way to divide up rent. Using Pay with Lovely, multiple renters can sign up to pay rent for an individual unit and indicate the amount they are each responsible for every month. Landlords can also invite multiple tenants to pay rent for a single unit. Each tenant receives monthly reminders and notifications when rent has been delivered to landlords. Landlords will be charged $1 per payment.
Can Pay with Lovely be used for security deposits?
Yes, tenants can pay their security deposit using our One Time Payments feature.
What happens if a tenant pays me late?
If a tenant has insufficient funds, both the tenant and landlord are immediately notified by email. Landlords can retry payments online. Landlords can also set a late payment fee that will automatically be charged to the tenant if a tenant has insufficient funds.
What can I use One Time payments for?
Tenants can pay their utilities to you or other variable payments using our One Time Payments feature.
Can tenants make multiple rent payments each month?
Yes, tenants can pay multiple times per month, however Pay with Lovely will charge $1 for each monthly payment received.
How long does it take to receive payments?
Rent funds will be in your bank account four business days after the monthly payment date. Pay with Lovely uses the federal ACH banking network to ensure safe and secure payments, and this payment timeframe is standard ACH practice.
I received an email that my tenant is now paying rent online, but I never signed up. How do I collect their rent?
You received this email because your tenant would like to automate their monthly rent using Pay with Lovely. They have already entered their bank account information to send you their rent amount. To collect this money, simply click on the link in the email and input the necessary information. In a few short minutes you’ll be set up to receive recurring direct deposit payments from your tenant.
How do I know if my payments are set up and when my next payment date it?
You will receive a confirmation email indicating the date your payment will be made as soon as you and your landlord have successfully set up payments.
How can I remove a tenant?
You can remove a tenant by logging into your Pay with Lovely account and clicking into the tenant’s details. From there you can select “Stop Payments” or “Move Out” depending on that renter’s status. Both of these options will ensure that your tenant will no longer be charged.
How can I see any problems with my payments?
You can access the Pay with Lovely dashboard from your Lovely Pro account at any time to view the status of your payments. Additionally, we will notify you via email if we find any problems with your account such as missing deposit account, etc.
Lovely told me rent payment was sent today. When will I receive it?
We process all payments with the federal ACH system, which takes up to 4 business days to complete the transaction. For example, if a transaction happens on Wednesday, then the first day would be Thursday, second Friday, third Monday, and the fourth Tuesday.