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Introducing Rentmatic 2.0
We made some changes to Rentmatic to make it faster, cheaper, and more secure. Migrate over to the new Rentmatic today and take the hassle out of rent payments.
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Faster Payment Processing
Our new partner YapStone transfers your money in two days.
No More Checks
Tenants can use debit and credit cards or pay directly from their bank.
Lowest Rates in the Industry
Rates start as low as $0.25 per transaction.
The Easy Way to Pay Rent
On-The-Go Payments
Pay rent from your phone by text or with YapStone's mobile app.
Flexible Payment Scheduling
Put your rent payments on autopilot or schedule one-time payments.
More Ways to Pay
Pay rent with your debit card, credit card, or straight from your bank.
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It's Simple, Fast, and Efficient
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Tenants Pay Online
Rent Goes Straight to Your Bank
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Lovely Pro helps me run my rentals like a business.
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Lovely Pro helps me find the best tenants.
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Lovely Pro helps me find answers to my most important questions.
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It's Simple
Set up takes less than a minute.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why can’t I migrate without my landlord?
The new Rentmatic transfers money directly to your landlord's account. If they have not created an account, we have nowhere to send the money!
What happens if my landlord won’t sign up?
Sadly, at this time we can’t help service your rental payment needs if your landlord isn’t on board.
What are the fees on the new system?
Much lower! $0.25 per bank transaction. Credit card fees vary from between 2.1% and 2.79%, and debit cards charge 0.6%.
I am having trouble filling out my paperwork. What do I do?
Please contact our partner YapStone. They can be reached at or 1 (866) 289-5977.
Why is the sign-up process so complex for landlords?

In our new Rentmatic product each landlord goes through a full underwriting process that allows us to provide a higher level of service – faster payment processing, the ability to accept debit and credit cards, and an overall reduced cost. This on-boarding process was perfected by our partner, Yapstone.

Unfortunately, in the transition to the new system, Rentmatic cannot transfer any of your payment data or personal information from the old system. It will need to be entered again.

What happened to payments during the transition from the old Rentmatic to the new one?
Withdrawals scheduled from tenant accounts on or before February 25, 2015 processed as usual. Any withdrawals scheduled after February 25, 2015 were cancelled.
If you would like any additional information, check out our blog post!